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How We Protect You

General Security Controls

We in Banque Saudi Fransi have implemented a robust Risk Management Framework and cutting edge security technologies and solutions such as Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems, Multi Factor Authentication etc, in order to protect our systems against threats from the Internet.

Registration Security

For registration you need visit the branch, sign an agreement and provide other required documents for verification. Multiple levels of verification and validation are performed by BSF. Upon approval, passwords are printed in secure pin mailers and dispatched to the branch in secure envelope. You need to collect your password from the branch and call customer service at 011 2891880 to activate your account. You need to deposit the acknowledgement of receipt of your password at the branch for filing.

I have forgotten my FransiGlobal password - what should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, please send an email to We will verify your identity and send your new passwords in a secure envelope to your branch. You will need to collect the password from the branch after signing the required documents.
Feel free to contact our customer service on 011 2891880 (National) or +966 11 2891880 (international) for any assistance.

Secure Login

To prevent unauthorized access to your FransiGlobal account and to ensure only you have access to your account, Two Factor Authentication has been implemented.
Stage 1: To begin a session with FransiGlobal, you must enter your Corporate ID, User ID and password. On successful authentication at the first stage, a unique One Time Password will be sent to your mobile number registered with the bank.
Stage 2: You will be able to access your FransiGlobal account only after successfully authenticating on the second stage by entering the unique One Time Password.

Secure Data Transmission

All information that flows between your web browser and FransiGlobal is protected by 2048-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, which is a strong safeguard to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of data in transit.

Account Lockout

FransiGlobal account gets locked on three consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. This is to prevent unauthorized users from guessing your credentials. Activation of the account requires a phone call to BSF to re-authenticate you.

Automatic Logout

To provide additional protection, a timeout feature is in effect whilst using FransiGlobal, in case you walk away from your computer and forget to log-out. This feature automatically logs you out of your session after a period of inactivity. Re-establishing and authenticating your credentials for your online session helps to reduce unauthorized access to your accounts.

Saudi Arabia's Leading Security Team

Banque Saudi Fransi has a dedicated security department which ensures FransiGlobal maintains the highest possible level of security

Sending E-mail to Bank Saudi Fransi

E-mails sent within the website are secure. However, e-mails sent to Banque Saudi Fransi via other means may not be secure. Therefore, we advise you not to send confidential information via unsecured e-mail.

How Attackers Target You

Email Scams

If you receive an email asking for your personal details such as Subscriber ID, Password, card details etc, please do not reply as it might be fraudulent. Kindly note that Banque Saudi Fransi will never ask you for personal information such as Subscriber ID, Password, Credit Card Number etc via email, phone or any other means, so do not be tricked by these emails.
Be wary of emails especially if they prompt you to visit FransiGlobal by clicking on a link in the email. These emails may say they are security alerts from Banque Saudi Fransi, or mails about the status of your account. You can check the authenticity of the site by reviewing the certificate. If you are in any doubt about the source of an email, it is best to delete it without opening it.

Fake Websites

Fraudsters may try to trick you to visit bogus websites which may look similar to FransiGlobal. The only purpose of these sites is to fool you to entering your FransiGlobal ID and password. Do not be fooled by these sites and only visit the real FransiGlobal site. You can check the authenticity of the site by reviewing the certificate.


Fraudsters may trick you to install malicious software on your computer. The malicious software may steal your personal information and other login credentials and perform unauthorized transactions on your behalf. So never install software from untrusted source.


'Phishing' is an act of sending a fraudulent e-mail or creating a forged screen or pop-up, in an attempt to capture a customer's sensitive personal details like User ID, Password or PIN, Date of Birth, CVV number etc.
Verify FransiGlobal's Security Certificate before entering any sensitive information.
Always remember that Banque Saudi Fransi never send any emails to customers asking for sensitive information.


Vishing is the concept of phishing over a voice channel. Fraudsters claiming to represent real companies such as banks attempt to trick customers into providing their personal and financial details over the phone.
Do not reveal any personal or sensitive information on a telephone call, even if the caller claims to be from your bank.
Do not call and or disclose any personal or sensitive information on any telephone system that you are directed to by a telephone message or from a telephone number provided in a phone message, an e-mail or an SMS.
When dialing Banque Saudi Fransi customer center, always use the contact number provided on FransiGlobal website to ensure that you are dialing to the genuine customer care center of BSF.

How to Improve Your Security

Take these steps when you're using Online Banking to keep your account information safe.
• Always enter the FransiGlobal website URL "", directly into your browser address bar before you login to ensure that you are on the legitimate FransiGlobal website. Never click a link that offers to take you to our website. This will reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of phishing attacks.
• Before Logging in to FransiGlobal, double-click the padlock symbol on your browser to ensure the site certificate belongs to FransiGlobal. This will ensure you are not being duped into entering your details on a 'fake' site.

Password Security

•  Choose a password that is hard to guess or identify as relating to you.
•  When you create your password, make it at least 8 characters long. Include at least one capital letter, one numeral (0-9) and one special character (like @, #, $, etc). This makes the password comparatively difficult to crack.
•  Do not use the same password you use for other purposes.
•  Ensure that no one is watching you while you key in your password / PIN or any other sensitive information.
•  Change your FransiGlobal password at periodical intervals (at least once in every 90 days).
•  Do not select the option auto-save on browsers for storing or retaining user name and password when logging into FransiGlobal.
•  Keep your personal details secret. Never write down or reveal your Subscriber ID or Password.
•  Change your FransiGlobal password from a secure computer immediately if you suspect your account has been compromised or if you had to use a public/shared computer for logging in to your FransiGlobal account for any reason.
•  Keep your operating system (eg Windows XP, Macintosh etc) and web browser (eg Internet Explorer, Safari etc) up to date. Flaws are sometimes found in these products and the publishers will issues 'patches' to correct the problem.
•  Update your system and web browser
•  Download the latest manufacturers' security patches
•  Use a personal firewall and anti-virus software to prevent unauthorized access and viruses being downloaded onto your PC when you are on the Internet. Ensure that your anti-virus software is updated with the latest signatures.
•  Be wary of emails especially if they prompt you to visit FransiGlobal by clicking on a link in the email. You can check the authenticity of the site by reviewing the certificate as detailed above. If you are in any doubt about the source of an email, it's best to delete it without opening it.
•  Avoid using cyber cafes or shared computers to access your FransiGlobal account. PCs at cyber cafes may be infested with viruses and Trojans that can capture and transmit your personal data to fraudsters. Your personal information may be grabbed easily using key logging software, which record all the keystrokes you typed, to be retrieved later for fraudulent usage. Beware of typing passwords on unknown PCs. If you access your FransiGlobal account from a cyber cafe or on a shared computer for any reason, change the password as soon as you can access your secured computer.
•  Beware of websites offering free software or applications - don't download software unless you are sure the site is genuine and the application is not harmful.
•  Avoid using cracks, key generators and other pirated software as they may contain virus, trojans or other malware that may affect the security of your online banking accounts.
•  Adequately protect your home WiFi (wireless) network if you are using one. Do not use public/unsecured WiFi (wireless) networks.
•  Update Banque Saudi Fransi with your new contact details when you change your contact details. This will enable us to contact you in a timely manner if we detect unusual transactions.
•  Never leave your PC unattended while you are logged in to the service. Do not directly close the browser without logging off from your FransiGlobal account.
•  Always log-out after using FransiGlobal by selecting the log-out button, close the browser window to clear the web page history stored in memory.
•  We automatically instruct most browsers not to store your personal information in the cache (memory). As this may be affected by the type of browser you use, always clear the cache yourself.

Checking FransiGlobal's security certificate

How to check a site certificate:

1. Double-click on the padlock in your browser window.
2. A dialogue box opens. Click on the 'Details' tab at the top.
3. Select the entry marked 'Subject'.
4. The entry marked 'CN' should be
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How to check the security certificate is valid:

After double-clicking the padlock (as above):
1. Click on the tab that says 'certification path' in the dialogue box.
2. Select in the certification path dialogue box.
3. Verify that it says 'This certificate is OK' in the certificate status dialogue box
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Detecting Fraud

Possible Unauthorized Logons

The best way to stay informed about your activities within FransiGlobal is to view the last logon date and time. The last logon date and time is displayed in the top left-hand corner of the screen and indicates when we recorded you last accessing FransiGlobal. If you do not remember accessing FransiGlobal at this time, then please report the matter immediately to us.
You can also review the activities performed during your last logon session by selecting the 'Session History' option. If you notice any activities that you believe you have not performed then please contact us immediately.

Possible Unauthorized Transactions

Regularly check your online balance and transaction history and report any irregularities. In addition to the 'Last Ten FransiGlobal Transactions' , the best way to stay informed about your account is to ensure that your online records match your hardcopy BSF account statement.
FransiGlobal provides email notifications, SMS messages, and online statement capabilities to assist you in monitoring your account activity. Be aware of the activities in your account and contact us immediately to report any discrepancies

Reporting Fraud

If you suspect a fraud or if you have revealed your security details in any way, it is important that you notify us immediately by calling Customer Care at 011 2891880 (National) or +966 11 2891880 (international).