FransiGlobal FAQ's

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Introduction to FransiGlobal:
FransiGlobal is an electronic delivery channel via the Internet designed to cater to corporate clients. You will be able to access a comprehensive suite of secured banking services in the comfort of your office while maintaining control over your accounts and how your staff can access them. Through FransiGlobal, your company can perform cash management functions, transfer payroll files, trade finance transactions, and money transfer via Internet anytime and anywhere.

Terminologies :
What is Corporate ID?
Your Corporate ID is a Code that identifies your Company on FransiGlobal. All the Users of your Company will share this ID. At registration to FransiGlobal, you will be given the right to choose your own ID provided that the ID has not been assigned to another company. Moreover, the assigned ID will remain unchanged. Each time a User logs into the restricted area of Fransi Global, he needs to enter the Corporate ID as well as his individual User ID and Password.

What is User ID?
User ID is the specific Code assigned to each individual User of the Company. Like the Corporate ID this ID is allotted by the Bank (at the recommendation of the Company’s Authorized Representative) and should not be changed.

Subscription FransiGlobal
What are the needed documents to be executed?
Authorized signatory(s) of Corporate Customer should execute FransiGlobal Services Agreement. Subsequently, a User Access Authorization Request should be submitted by the Customer each time a user needs to be added, updated or cancelled.

How can I obtain and submit the Forms/Agreement?
Your Relationship Manager will be pleased to provide the required Forms/ Formats and also to receive the completed forms for further action at our end.

How many users that can be authorized to access FransiGlobal information?
More than one User can be authorized to access your corporate information through FransiGlobal. Access for each user has to be requested through a separate User Access Authorization Form signed by the Authorized Representative of the Company.
Each User will be allotted a separate set of User ID and Password. But all the Users will share the same Corporate ID. Besides, more than one Customer Reference can be linked to a single Corporate ID.

Is there any Subscription fees for FransiGlobal?
The fees will apply depending on the services and products that you choose. Fees and charges related to products and services such as Funds Transfers will continue to apply.

Accessing FransiGlobal
1. Are there any hardware or software requirements to access FransiGlobal?

The following system requirements are recommended:
•   Windows 7 or Mac OS.
•   One of the following Browsers: IE 9, Chrome 10, Safari 5, Mozilla 4.
•   Acceptable Internet connection minimum of 1 MB.
•   Display with 1024X768 screen resolution and Normal Font Size for the best view .

2. Can I access the service from different PCs?
Yes, as long as you meet the minimum system requirements, you can access FransiGlobal Internet Banking from any PC of your choice.

3. Can I access the service from overseas?
Yes, as long as your PC has Internet access while you are overseas, you will be able to access FransiGlobal Internet Banking.

4. I have forgotten/ not received my User Id and Password, how can I obtain them?
If you have forgotten your Internet Banking User Id or have not yet received it, please call our contact number: +966 11 289 1880 to get the same. All you will need to do is authenticate yourself and ask for your User Id. You can also request for a new password if you have forgotten the same. Your passwords cannot be given on telephone for security reasons.

5. I do not have an Internet Banking User Id, how can I obtain one?
Normally all FransiGlobal customers have an Internet Banking account. The User Id of the same may not have reached you. You can call our contact number: +966 11 289 1880 if your account is generated.
If your account has not been generated you can obtain an Internet Banking User Id by downloading and filling up the Internet Banking Customer Registration form. After filling up the form, please send it to our sales support team.
Care must be taken to fill the mandatory fields carefully otherwise the request will not be accepted.

6. How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?
To log in to GransiGlobal you only require one password for logging in and an additional authentication with SMS or Token or Mobile Token.
Transaction Password - A transaction password is required whenever you are entering into any transactions on It is also required for making most of the online requests with the additional authentication with SMS or token authentication.
Please note that both login password and transaction password cannot be the same.

7. Can I change my User ID or Password?
Your User ID is a permanent code and cannot be changed. You may change your password at any time by choosing the option on FransiGlobal

8. What do I need to view/enable my various FransiGlobal services on ?
To enable your FransiGlobal relationships online, you need to have FransiGlobal Internet Banking, User ID and Password.

9. How do I enable my FransiGlobal Corp ID, User Id and Password?
If you have only one bank account, the User Id and passwords you get will enable you to view and transact on your bank account.

10. I have got my Internet Banking User Id and Password; tell me what do I do?
You can login with your Internet Banking User ID and Password. When you login for the first time you will get a screen, which you will be asked to change your logon Password. If you have been successful in changing your password, remember to login with the changed password.
You will now come to the login home page,
It specifies your identity and informs you the last time you logged on to the site as well as the current date and time. You also get to see the mails that you may have received from your Account Manager and other alerts as specified by you. On this page there is an overview of all the accounts on your Internet Banking ID.
The left navigational bar displays selected profile. You can click on any one to access and use the relevant services.

Services of FransiGlobal
Depending on the services that you sign up for, your Company Users can perform in broad terms the following functions using FransiGlobal Internet Banking:
FransiGlobal Inquiry

Perform enquiries on Current and Fixed Deposit Accounts. View account balances (summary and details). View loans summary and Utilization summary by domain and class. Download, export and print statements
1. Are the Account Balances real-time?
Yes, all your transactions through every delivery channel such as Branch, ATM, FransiGlobal, etc. taken into account to compute the balance displayed to you.
2. When is the Loan Information last Updated?
All the details of the Loans are updated as of last midnight and reflect the position as of close of previous Business Date.
3. When is the Deposit Information last Updated?
All the details of the Deposits are updated as of last midnight and reflect the position as of close of previous Business Date.

FransiGlobal Transaction
1. Where can I know the status of the transaction?
You can find out the transaction status in authorization page when authorizer has not approved the transaction. However, when the transaction has been approved, you can view the transaction status in the initial page of related function.
2. Do I get a receipt for every transaction I make?
A Transaction Reference Number, which serves as your electronic receipt, is displayed after each transaction you complete. This Transaction Reference Number is a record that a transaction was accepted. We suggest you copy this number or print the transaction screen to serve as your record.
3. If my computer were to crash or hang before I receive confirmation that my transaction was completed, how will I know if my transaction was successful?
Every transaction performed through Corporate Internet Banking has a unique reference number (Transaction Reference No). You can monitor and check the status of any transaction under Transaction Search or the "To Do/To Track" function. All successful transactions will have the status "Completed" or "Issued".

Authorization/ Administration

1. What limit controls do I have over monetary transactions performed using FransiGlobal?
You will be able to assign specific roles and associated limits for every user in the system. The limits could be global or different according to the type of transaction.
2. What are the general responsibilities of various types of users?
•   Administrator: Shall have the authority to enable/disable users, and set out of office and view other users activates.
•   Inquirer: Shall have the authority to use FransiGlobal for inquiry only. Cannot initiate any requests (e.g. Accounting Dept.)
•   Initiator: Shall have the authority to initiate a request to for a transaction, but cannot execute it (e.g. Purchasing Dept.).
•   Verifier: Shall have the authority to verify the validity of a transaction request received from the Initiator, but cannot authorize it. (e.g. CFO).
•   Authorizer: Shall have the authority to approve the transaction requests received from a Verifier (e.g. GM/CEO). Transaction Password Required (i.e. Secure Token , Mobil Tokens , SMS)
•   rticulars.